Chelsea Greene Lewyta was born in the Hudson River Valley of New York. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NYC. She studied illustration, painting, print making, and new media. She graduated and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts and placed and won in the Society of Illustrators student show. After graduation she began exhibiting her artwork at galleries, shows, a variety of venues and in publications based in New York City and internationally. She freelanced as an illustrator, designer, and worked on a wide variety of projects through the years. Shortly before 2020, she relocated to Lopez Island on the San Juan Islands of Washington State.


She primary uses mixed media in her painting, favoring pencils, acrylic, and oil. She is highly proficient in digital painting and image processing, utilizing the medium for freelance illustration and printmaking preparation.

Some of the themes in her earlier work mimic folklore, religion, and mythology while exploring the enigma of the human condition. Flora, fauna, and hidden objects are depicted amongst vulnerable figures in their tangled, silent landscapes.

Her newer work has been inspired by a return to nature in her new environment on themes of healing and overcoming.


Please contact for more information, greeneatelier@gmail.com