The Greene Atelier

at·el·ier /ˌadlˈyā/ noun a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer

May 2023

On display now at the Lopez Community Center. And I’ll have another piece in the next show, opening June 9th.


I mounted this on wood because I didn’t like the frame and painted it a little more. It will pair with the box, which still isn’t complete, there are some changes I wanted to make.

Pandora’s Box

I’ve been really busy doing volunteer work with the Lopez Artist Guild, getting ready for the studio tour!! That will be labor day weekend. I’ll update with more information when the brochure releases.

I was commissioned to do the standing signs for the farmers market. They are ~2×4′ with latex paint. That will be Saturdays starting this weekend! I think I might skip markets this year to focus on my work and the tour.

Lopez Island Farmers Market

Blooming 2023

A very busy spring, here are a few things. More coming and I think my website will need a makeover soon.

Pandora’s Box exterior drawing 10×8.5″
Pandora’s Box interior drawing 9×7.5″
A nature print with salal

Early Spring 2023

Pipevine Swallowtails. Part of the current Spring exhibit at the Lopez Community Center.

4 color reduction lino print, 10×8″
Distant Places, 11×14″ acrylic and pencil
The studies from my nature journal that they were created from

2023 Almost Spring

WIP, lots of layers

An update with the final painting for “Memories From Life”.

I have some new small works at the Lopez Artist Guild spring show. It opens this Friday at the Lopez Community Center 5:00-6:30 PM.

I did not have time to get photos before drop off, but I will get some soon.

“Memories From Life” 24×48 painting

2023 Deep Winter Update

I joined the Lopez Artist Guild and we have a group show up at the Lopez Community Center right now. Themed, “For the Love of Life”

The next opening will be March 17th, at the Lopez Community Center 5:00-6:30 PM. Themed, “Spring is Coming”

I’ve also joined the San Juan Islands Art Museum Artist Registery. I’m looking forward to the group show at the end of the year.

And I’ve been working on this commission for a bit (and some other projects), it’s very large.

“Memories from Life” 48×24″ drawing

It’s a little warped in the photo due to the size, when it’s finished I’ll be taking it to a bigger, brighter space for better shots before I send it off.

Autumn 2022 Update

Adjusting back to real life! I have a lot of projects coming up and a long winter!

“In Silence” 8×10″ giclée prints

I am teaching some upcoming local classes at the Lopez Island Library and San Juan Islands Art Museum.

I’ll also be participating in the Lopez Holiday Bazaar. I have new prints of “In Silence” available for sale, lino prints and cards, a few painted boxes are still available and I made Lopez sea glass lockets inspired by my time in Hawaii. My booth will be affordable works (under 100USD) and proceeds will help our community.

Lopez Island sea glass lockets

Pop Up Update

Pop up Affordable Art Booth
Forest Gallery

What a nice way to end the summer! If you’re interested in anything, email me, greeneatelier@gmail.com

End of Summer Update

Acrylic and pencil on paper
18″x 24″

I finished my first larger summer work and then the winds took me elsewhere.

Saggy Bottoms Farms
Commissioned work
Acrylic and pencil on paper and wood panel
13.5″x 17.5″

I participated in a juried art, maker and music festival on Lopez Island. I taught color theory and lino printmaking workshops at the Lopez library. I started teaching paint nights at the San Juan Museum. Then, I was getting ready for Full Bloom, a juried maker exhibit at Pelindaba lavender farm on San Juan Island.

Various snaps of printing and works in progress.

I decided to run new prints, second editions, cards and small works for the rest of my summer in preparation. All between wedding planning!! However, an incident resulted in me not making it to the festival. The Lopez Island Studio Tours are September 5th and 6th. I was waiting until next year to participate but now I’m trying to hop on or do a pop up event to salvage my time. I hope to see you then!

Art Fairy
Watercolor and lino print
8.5″x 11″
Western Swallowtail
Watercolor and lino print
8″x 7″

Summer 2022

Summer 2022 in progress

I’m going to be working on three large paintings this summer and teaching local art classes. I also have a stack of unfinished lino work I hope to attend to. I have exciting life events coming up, making for a very busy summer!

“Guardian Rebirth”
Commissioned work
Acrylic and pencil on paper and wood panel
14″x 17″
Illustrative design samples, 2021-2022

Revive 2022

New paintings and prints from a recent local exhibit on Lopez Island

“Postmodern Christian” 11×14″
“Day and Night” series, 7×6″
“Day and Night” series 7×6″
“Vessels” 14×20″
“Sunder” 16×18″ (being touched up)

New Prints

First edition Giclee Art Prints have arrived!

“Corrosion” 8×12″

Continuing on the small works of nature series are four hand printed linocut designs, single plate. Summer 2021.

Untitled, Lopez Island 7.5×5.5″
Untitled, Chrysanthemums 7×8″
Summer Reflections, color 10×11″
Summer Reflections, black 10×11″

Recent Samples

Spring 2021, in response to the pandemic. On isolation and hope.

“In Silence” Pencils and acrylic wash.

“WOC Study 03” Pencil drawing and digital wash

“Corrosion” Pencils and acrylic wash.

Small works of Nature

Small works, painted boxes, and prints from 2020

(Bunny Box and teapots still available)


A small sampling of past work 2010-2018